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Let’s assume you have SharePoint and you are building an MS Access application (or dashboard, whatever) for your users and you want to store your base parameters (let’s call this ‘master data’) at a central location that you can update centrally…sort of like a backend — frontend setup, but the backend is an Excel file on SharePoint and your frontend is an Access database.

There are several advantages to such setup:

  • You can update the master data without having to redistribute the Access app to your users.
  • You can have business users with only Excel skills maintain the master data…

TL;DR the solution to the missing variable is at the very end.

I have an admission to make: I dislike Command-line Interface (CLI). I'm a Graphical User Interface (GUI) person. This is perhaps the root cause why I still believe Azure is a superior cloud offering to AWS…it's just a story of Windows GUI vs. Unix shell.

I like GUI because it shows all the options right there on the screen, no need to scroll through all the possible commands and memorize their syntax.

Click-click-click and you are done. Yes yes, GUI is hard to automate; there is a whole…

Microsoft Access is one of the most versatile applications you will find pre-installed on any office computer.

In addition to being a Relational Database Management System, with its own SQL dialect;

  • Access can act as both a backend database and a frontend user interface.
  • Access-based applications are portable and can be distributed without first having to install them.
  • Access is equipped with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is Turing-complete programming language.

All of these features add up to the capability of being able to build virtually any database application on the Access platform and distribute it to anyone, without…

Jozsef Szalma


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